Saturday, July 24, 2010

In Other News.

I love him. (:

i really do.

i've never felt this way before. it physically hurts me sometimes and makes me crinkle my eyebrows and just hold on to him. it makes me feel like flying sometimes. like i own the world and nothing i do could possibly fail. it makes me nervous, makes me smile, makes me cry, makes me skip and jump around like a little girl. he completely owns my heart.
Hopefully every entry from now on will not be like that. (: But that's what's going on lately. In addition...
* Interesting work relationships. It's funny how things change.
* Getting things set for Tennessee and college. Life is making nervous... it will never be the same again. And I think that's okay.
* Extreme Midget Wrestling... yes. I went to that last night. And it was the greatest thing ever. My baby and I ordered tickets online, went to this trashy club in a shady part of town, and got crazy dumb bracelets at the door. And watched midgets wrestle. If you ever get the chance... GO. It was so amazingly hilarious. (:
* I'm trying to plan something cute for me and Drew's 10 month on Monday. We'll see how that goes, I guess. I love him. I really do. (:

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