Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my soul?

i like him(:
but i don't know him.

i like cherry slurpees
even if they're not always free.

i like orange sherbet scented chappy
even if my boyfriend uses the same kind.

i like my bangs
even if they are crazy uneven and all over the place.
i like my journal
even if there are no pages without glitter.
i like my boyfriend
even if i don't have the guts to tell him how i really feel.

i like my boots
even though they aren't finished.

i like my summer so far
even if everything i see reminds me of her.


  1. i like YOU. thats what i like. and you do have the guts. you just havent decided if you want to use them or not. i believe you can, babe. dont scare yourself. life isnt frightening, its fun. i promise.

  2. nope. dont be scared. you are too beautiful to ever be afraid. you guys are on the same page. he will understand.