Monday, February 6, 2012

The day is never dark enough.

A few things that have been on my mind lately... But I suppose we'll see where I begin. My thoughts are kind of jumbled today.

Some days, I feel weak for no reason. There is nothing to do today. No tutoring, no journaling, nothing on my computer. And that just leaves me feeling bored and annoyed. And then I figured I would sleep, but I wasn't tired enough to sleep. And I know I need to go work out, but I'm just not interested today. I'm not tired enough to sleep, but too tired to work out. :/ It's a horrible in-between. Which leads me to my point. I feel weak. For no reason. But here we are. I figured I'd give in and blog about it, which tends to happen faster than journaling, instead of walking around, running my head into walls.

I can tell I'm on a very fine line right now, and I'm concentrating very hard on not crossing that line. I'm just bored, really. I'm fine besides that. I just fall into a kind of stupor if I don't have anything to keep me busy. To keep my hands busy, my mind busy. But some days that doesn't even matter.


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