Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's interesting... or maybe it's not

how I always think of things to blog about at work, and I always think, "I will not forget this by the time I get to my computer," and then I do. So here am I, with a head full of thoughts, but nothing to say.

Anyways. Last night was such a fantastic night, I spent 7 hours hanging out with the three of the greatest people ever. Went to the basketball game, Newells, and Drubers. (: It gave me hope in humanity again. And it was nice to laugh. For pretty much the first time all semester.

Today I have two papers to write, an article to read, and two days of math homework to do. And... I'm not interested. lol. I'm actually reading my uncle's third book instead. They're so so so fantastic. And really quick reads, so that's nice. It's hard not having unlimited time to read. I did just read Tell All by Chuck Palahniuk though. It was so great.

So anyways, I really want some macaroni.

Love elyse.

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