Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Art Journalssssssssssssssssssssss

OMG, it's like there's this entire underground society that COMPLETES me that nobody ever told me about. I'm so amazed there are people out there more into journaling than me. I'm literally only on my laptop to look at the archives upon archives of art journal pages from other people, and i am amazed. but what is really difficult about me starting up an art journal is that i'm not an artist full time. like, i don't have a studio. i don't have multiple "journals" that i work on at a time. and i'm the most impatient person in the world, so i hardly ever wait for my paint to dry, i just snap my journal shut and lug (yes, it is becoming heavy enough that it must be lugged now) it wherever i am needed in the world, and once i open it in class or at work or in the car, i have to kind of rip the pages apart as they have become stuck together with the force of a million ancient gods holding them together. and then there are ripped edges everywhere and everything is all stuck together and messy, which is a really new thing for me and my journals. it's perfect. how could i never have thrown so much paint on these pages? how could i have not printed off these pictures and scribbled in the margins and just thrown my entire soul into these pages? they're entirely mine, and they're finally starting to look like what i see when i close my eyes. the pages are so thick and they are wavy from being so drenched in watercolours and the pens run everywhere and omgoodness this journal is a disaster. but i think it's more of a reflection of my soul than anything i've ever had up until this point.

earlier today Rachel told me that my journal is like my drunk self, i'm always honest in my journal. but you know the absolutely most beautiful thing about having the journals i have? they're completely 100% irrefutably mine. mine, mine, mine. i am dramatic, i misquote song lyrics, i don't cite my sources, i whine, i cry, i scribble, i dream, i misspell and the entire thing is one huge enormous run-on sentence. BUT THEY'RE MINE.

point of this being, i really love my journals. <3

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