Wednesday, September 1, 2010


there is no picture to describe the magic that has happened. you guys know how i've kind of been struggling with my faith? well. that would be the magic that has happened.
you guys also maybe know that i've been planning on doing a year(ish) of service after Hesston, before i go on to finish my degree? Well. that would also be the magic.

i began reading The Irresistable Revolution by Shane Claiborne on Monday night, and he talks about his work with the homeless, etc. a lot. it's a great book. i highly recommend it. anyways, i talked to drew about it: about vive el llamado, and how i was being called to serve. i told him i don't want to have to wait two more years. i want to make a difference now, helping the homeless, listening to the unloved. i want to change the world.
this morning, i had an 8:00 class. i ended up waking up for it at 8:00. i didn't have time to brush my teeth, put on deodorant, or makeup, or change my clothes before running to class. it just so happens that i have a full morning. from 8:00-10:50, and then chapel at 11. i considered skipping chapel and going back to the dorm and fixing myself up a little bit, but something was really telling me to go to chapel. to understand why this is a big deal... you have to understand that i do not enjoy going to chapel. i'm always so tired and my mind wanders and it's always hard to find somebody to sit by and it's just bleh. but something was telling me to go.
so i went.
chapel this morning was entirely dedicated to how Hesston College students could serve, even within a small community, through the homeless shelter, big brother/big sister program, and visiting with the prison/old folk's home.
i was blown away. shocked. intruiged. surprised. speechless. afraid.
once i have my car... i'm signing up for all of them.
that would be viviendo el llamado, after all. Thank You.

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