Thursday, September 23, 2010

Word on the Street

I don't know if you read this. But if you do, I'm sorry I made you feel awkward. I'm sorry you don't like to talk to me, but I keep trying to get your attention. I'm sorry I joked about it so much. I hope you read this, but it's unlikely you'll know who you are if you do. Maybe you should ask. But that would make our relationship even more awkward. And I would be even more upset about it. So maybe that shouldn't happen.

i should be asleep. but i haven't practiced my flute. or read for film. or studied for computer. or quizzed myself on spanish. or sent my letters. or forgiven myself.

i really am sorry.


remember that time i wrote you a thank you note? and you never said anything about it? and i hoped you had gotten it? and then i saw it somewhere great? and it made me smile for days? yeah. i need so much to be able to write you another note.

but you just don't seem to care.

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