Saturday, September 4, 2010

it could be better?

things never turn out the way i expect them to.

i never expected that college would be this lonely on the weekends.

i never expected that i'd be scared of people reading my blog.

i never expected that i'd kind of sort of be told i'm going to hell. highlight of my night, let me tell you what.

i never expected that i'd still be disappointing, this far away.

or maybe i just never realized.

that by thinking these things... i absolutely might be headed for hell.

that making friends... is a concept i've hardly ever experienced.

that journaling... might end up saving my life after all.

i don't like being dramatic. but i'm begging you to ask.


  1. Elyse, what did I tell you yesturday? You have got to understand that I mean it when I tell you to come to me. Even if I am talking to someone or doing something, COME AND GET ME! Talk it out-don't hold it in. How many times have you let me talk to you about my mom? I love you and I don't like seeing you hurt.

  2. fuck 'em babe. you're mine and no one can hurt you. i wont let them. just say the word, and i'll kill them. i mean it. i love you too much to hear that you're being pushed around.

  3. Leece, if I believed in Hell, that is not where you would be going. Especially considering how passionately you love God. You are great and fabulous and those nerdy betches don't know what they're talking about. Be strong. Just be you and they'll love you, the thugfursure that you are.