Sunday, September 26, 2010

like it was yesterday.

i remember the first time i realized how you're supposed to pray.
i used to pray like this:
"Dear God, please let school be cancelled today. If You do, I'll love you forever. Well, I already will love you forever, but I'd really appreciate you cancelling school for me. please please please!!! Amen."
i remember the phone call i got saying grandma was not going to get any better, and to expect the worst. i remember being downstairs and thinking, "God, please please let grandma be okay." and then i realized. she won't be okay forever, even if God listens to this prayer. so instead i prayed for healing. healing of those who knew her. i asked God to be with her in her final days, and to be with the family as we dealt with it.
i've never been more confident God answered one of my prayers.
it's been hard for me to pray lately. i'm not sure why. i just can't find the words (or even images) i need to talk to God. i feel blocked. i need your help.

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  1. Girl, your comment made me feel soooooooo good today when I saw it. xoxoxoxo And please come back :) Have a beautiful Sunday