Thursday, May 13, 2010


I am so exhausted. I'm taking Kallen to driver's ed pretty soon here and then I'm going straight to my bestie's house. We're going to watch lots of Desperate Housewives, probably eat lots of noodles, and drink lots of Diet Pepsi. I'm spending the night there tonight because tomorrow we're taking our rennaisance periods. (: Woo, no spanish. In addition to that, I'm skipping band, and then Aaron and Drew are coming up to celebrate my birthday with me. (: which, granted, is a little bit too late to be considered a birthday celebration. But whatever, that's what it is. So I'm very excited. We're going to a drive in movie tomorrow to see Ironman 2, and then on Saturday we're having some BOY TIME and I'm going to have some people over to eat food, I think. (: I've missed my best friend, and I'm so excited to be spending the weekend with her. Sunday is youth Sunday, where I will find myself back in church, where I truly feel I belong. I have missed it sooooo much lately and I cannot wait to be back there. (: God, thank you for today and all the ups and downs it has brought. Help me live for you. Amen.

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