Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh, It Is Love...?

He loves me.
I was sitting on his bed, and I asked him if he remembered our first kiss. (: He said he did, because it was the exact spot we were sitting. Then I told him about this ancient mythology legend about how soul mates used to be connected and have four arms and four legs and two heads. But then the gods were jealous and intimidated by the power and connection they held, so they seperated them into two beings forever. That is how the idea of soul mates came to be. As I told him this, I was looking into his eyes, and then he just said "I love you." However, I am me, so I started crying and I told him I wasn't ready to say it back. Sometimes I do love him. Sometimes the emotion I feel for him can only be explained as "I love you." But... I'm so young. It terrifies me and excites me at the same time. Sometimes I do love him with my entire heart. And sometimes. I'm not so sure. I told him I didn't want to say it now and then later say I didn't mean it, so I wasn't going to say it yet. He understands, but I wish I had more for him. I really wish I did. God, please hold our relationship. Please guide my feelings and give me strength. Amen.

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