Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sometimes I Wonder.

Does he realize when I saw "it's important to me" I mean "it's my everything"?

Does she realize she is a good mom? The best I could ever ask for?

Does he realize I want to tell him everything but I'm terrified of his reaction?

Does she realize that although I complain, I need nothing else but her company?

Does she know I don't mean to leave her out, but I need my own friends?

Does it know how much it has saved my life so many dreary days?

Does he know how hung up on him I still am?

Does he know what he does to her?

Does he know I look up to him more than I ever have?

Does He know... I have never meant "I'm sorry" more than I do right this second?

I'm so unbelievably sorry.

God, I've missed you. I don't want my behavior to become habit. Please please forgive me. Amen.

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