Friday, August 20, 2010

College Life.

not much of anything to do with college life at all, but isn't this the best picture in the world??? (:

ANYWAYS. I'm so unbelievably exhausted, but in about half an hour, my mod is going out to Druber's to celebrate two girls' birthdays. So I kind of have to go since one of them is my roommate.
As for college, when I first got here, I wore my sunglasses all the time. Not because it was particularly sunny, but because I needed the time to swallow my tears. It was so uncomfortable and miserable. I didn't know anyone, but I felt like everyone else was already friends. I didn't know how to approach people, which hasn't been a problem of mine in years. I just wanted Mom and Daddy to take me back home so I could HP with Shelby and Kallen, which is what they were doing as I was getting "settled in." I was just so miserable and afraid. I wanted to run into Drew's arm and cry into his shirt until everything was better. (If you're reading this, I love you and I miss you more than anything. :/) Since that wasn't an option, Shelby coached me through life for a while there via texting. I ended up making a few friends so far. Thank poop! But I eventually got into the swing of things. Or at least pretended to be in the swing of things. It was easier once I wasn't being prodded by Mom and Daddy. I know they mean well, but they were making everything way too structured. Once they went to Walmart and I was on my own, I found people I could hang out with comfortably.

While I'm still not super comfortable (will I ever be in a dorm?), I am not uncomfortable anymore. It's strange to have sophomores outside my room causing a ruckus, but go figure... It's just like living down at the beach again. Except surprisingly, my room is bigger. I have some new pillows and sheets and a new blanket, new dishes, new fridge... things are a-changing. But I have more hope now than I did earlier. (:

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  1. Why didn't you tell me that things were rocky at first? You know I'm here for you. Miss you, Leecyface.