Tuesday, August 24, 2010


the kind of girl who would volunteer to play sports.

the kind of girl who doesn't sweat.

the kind of girl who would hold hands with strange guys while walking a mile.

the kind of girl who would jump on guys' backs, even if it is for a game.

the kind of girl who would talk on the phone just to talk on the phone.

the kind of girl who would survive being alone.

But I did.

College is such a different experience than high school was. Or even summer camp. In addition to taking classes I actually want to pay attention to, I signed up for flute and guitar lessons. I've played mod volleyball, which we dominated at. (: It's my roommate's birthday so we just ordered 10 pizzas and we're having a sister-mod party here in a little bit. I've been eating apples instead of iced cream. The only thing on my floor here is shoes. I've called Mom twice in two days. I've made friends. I love it here. I really do.

Mom, you can stop worrying now.

However... some things that are not so great:
* having to lock up my bike when I get back to campus.
* having to lock my room so nobody steals my laptop. And...
* that computer lock daddy bought me and then never showed me how to use. The directions make less sense that Swahili to me.
* using the facilities. Public restrooms suck hardcore.
* I've had stomach cramps since I got here. I'm not sure if it's the switch of food, or of temperature, or what's going on. But they hurt. :/ It might be menstrual-related. But I'm thinking of taking medicine regardless.
* worrying that the milk in my refrigorator is going to go bad before I can use all of it.
* my phone charger comes unplugged when I sleep. :(

Granted, none of these are huge problems. But they're huge enough that I feel like complaining here.

Although there are some things that suck, there are some good things:
* my dorm/mod/sister mod. There is always music playing really loudly with all the doors open, so it's like a big house party all the time. Not to mention, there are some really cool girls here.
* the guys. don't get me wrong, I love Drew and I want him forever. I mean the guys as friends. I've made a few so far: Vincent (who has a 'fro and the sweetest aura), sooooomebody I don't remember his name lol (who asked me to tutor him in film... on the first day), Michael (Who calls me 'Princess'), and Ben (who forgot my name once and now makes it a point to say hi every time he sees me.).
* the freedom. I can, to some extent, do whatever I want, go whereever I want, and stay wherever I want however long I want to. It's interesting to feel like there aren't strict rules. I'll get used to it eventually.

I do miss Kallen, Shelby, Drew, and my (now kind of extended) family. That includes you, Aaron. (: It's nice to have something to look forward to each day as I run down to the student center to check my mailbox. It's awesome to have classes that I don't want to just journal through. And also, it sucks. I miss you all, but I love you toooooo (:

I have mod volleyball round 2 in an hour (I told you we dominated), and then bed relatively early because I have an 8:00 tomorrow morning. *gag*

What I'm trying to say is... I'm having a great time.

i'm not trying to rub it in.


  1. i want to have a great time too. lol.

  2. I'm glad you're having fun. But I miss you and I'm bored.

    -yo sista'