Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Many lines have been crossed so far this vacation. (:

It's fun to hang out with the boys and get ready with my bestie. As we were getting ready today, I noticed we are polar opposites when it comes to looks.
Me: green eyes.
Shelby: brown eyes.
Me: blonde, short, straight hair.
Shelby: brunette, long, curly hair.
Me: freckles.
Shelby: no freckles.
Me: short. (and aaron won't let me forget it.)
Shelby: tall.

Drive down. (:
Had a glorious nappy.
Went to Zanie's Comedy Club to see John Caparulo from Chelsea Lately. (:

Scrounged for some breakfast cereal. lol.
Went to Whole Foods and spent around $60 on things we didn't need. (: Ate pizza and gelato for lunch, which was delicioussss.
Took a break from the heat to relax a little bit.
Went on a search for a Goodwill, but it was out of business. :(
On the way home, we stopped at an adult superstore, The Lion's Den. Which had the most amazing employees I've ever met. So hilarious and not awkward. It was a lot of fun, but also totally weird. (: In a good way.
Went swimming in the community pool. Felt so delicious on my skin.
Ate amazing steak and baked potatoes that Shelby's FABULOUS aunt made for us, and watched Sweet Home Alabama on the outdoor patio.
Hung out with our boys until it was time for sleep (:

Went to The Pancake Pantry, which blew our freaking minds.
Walked around 21st street, checking out little shops, dying a slow and painful death in the unbelievable heat.
Went home to relax.
Went to Phonoluxe, this retro CD/vinyl/dvd/vhs/cassette tape store, and found some neat stuff. (:
Walmart to buy iced cream and cereal.
Home to relax and watch Taking Lives before running around Nashville (:
Went to Wildhorse Saloon and ate a little bit, and had some fun line dancing. I wish anybody else here appreciated country music the way I do. Not that I love it... I just know it and like it enough that it's so much fun to be here, where country music is HUGE. I just feel like they all think I'm obnoxious for loving line dancing and singing along and stuff. I don't know.
Went to HUSTLER. You have to at least once, right? (:

Now we're watching Bedazzled. (: We're so awesome.

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