Friday, August 13, 2010

Suga Suga.

sometimes i tell people things just to tell people things.

but sometimes i really need a response... it wasn't hypothetical this time.

woke up

ate breakfast/lunch (:

burned some cookies :(

more Kroger runs, if I remember correctly.

took Gran to her hair appointment in the pouring rain.

went to Goodwill for a while.

after a quick drink stop at McDonald's,

Shelb and I got massages (: How come she always gets the sexy black guy and I always get the chubby woman with facial hair?!? EVERY TIME.
after massages, we went straight downtown so I could finally get my eyebrow pierced. I was worried what the boys would think, but they seem to like it. I LOVE it, and I got pierced by such a beautiful woman: Betty Ann from LA Ink Season 4 (I believe). She was so wonderful. (: I could feel it being ripped through my freaking skin, but other than that, it was painless. lol.

once that was over, we were STARVING, and we decided to go home to get cute before going to Hooters. (:


when we got home, the power was out! so we had to go out the way we were. :(

Anyways... Hooters was wonderful.

The boys were both first timers, but I think they liked it. We had a perfect, wonderful waitress. (: Her name was Jessica. Finally a Jessica I liked. lol.

When we went home, we were really excited for electricity. but no! :( the power was still out. the whole house was cluttered with candles, so it would have been really romantic had it not been like, 200 degress. :( it was miserable. and it continued to be that way until SEVEN THIS MORNING.

Day 7

woke up gross. ugh.

ate breakfast.

went to Hot Diggity Dog, this cute little Chicago-style hot dog joint. It was so great, and I'm not really one for hot dogs.

Walked around downtown. Shopped. Ate iced cream. (: It was a nice day. If by nice, you understand I mean 103 degrees.
Came home. (:

Chilling before going out to eat with Mel, Gran, and Amy. (:

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