Thursday, August 12, 2010

No, You.


Woke up late.
Shelby and Aaron played computer games all afternoon while
Drew and I went to the Country Music Hall of Fame. (: I told you I like country music. It was pretty interesting, but it would have been better if I knew more of the people in it. :(
The 4 of us took a trip to Walmart, where Shelby and I bought more sexy lingerie (: (and the boys bought us some food stuffs)
Home to make some Hamburger Helper and cut/eat strawberries. The boys did a FABULOUS job and it was delicious. (:
Out for a trip to Aladdin's Hookah Bar, but were deeply saddened to discover it was 21+, so we drove around aimlessly until we found
Rutledge, a club/bar area thing where a Ned Zeppelin (a Led Zeppelin cover band... SHOCKER) were performing. We caught the last half of "Black Dog" before they were done for the night. They were legit. (:
Then... we drove around aimlessly and ended up back in our warm, cozy beds after all. (:
Was woken up by the boys WAY too early :(
Ate a delicious breakfast of... cold cereal. It was actually delicious, though. So whatever. lol.
Drew and I had to make a gazillion trips to Kroger, and then...
We all went swimming, which would have been amazing, because it was SO HOT... but they must have just put chemicals in the water or something, because it was cloudy and murky and just unpleasant. :( So...
We went home and took cold showers. lol. Which was beautiful.
Drew and I had a "nice chat." (:
We finally met up all together and ate some pizza and hung out. (:
I painted my nails and Shelby played Age of Empires on her computer. What a sillyface.
We got ready to go out, and met up with Mel, Amy, and Gran at BB King's, this AMAZING blues bar. I don't know about anyone else, but I l.o.v.e. blues. It gets me all pumped for life and stuff. (: So... we ate there and got up and danced as these three hotties sang and danced up front with the house band. (: We probably looked like dayum foolz. But it was fun. (:
After that, it was time for a trip to another Adult Store. (: woohoo. They're ALL THE SAME... by the way.
We searched around *forever* for a freaking WalMart, and came home.
Aaronpoo is in bed because he isn't feeling well, Shelby is making an orange cake, and Drew is bein a cuteface and reading over my shoulder. (:
I'm just hangin out in my sweats. (: this vacation has been a lot of fun so far... if you ignore the fact that I've been drinking way too much diet pepsi, eating way too much chocolate, and missing Kallen like crazy. She would love it here. So many things remind me of her.


  1. I miss you too. I like the new bra, it's cute. I got some too. And new clothes and shoes and stuff. :)

  2. By the way, when you come back we are SO seeing Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. But evening show since you're coming back during the busiest few days. Because of that, you suck.
    See you tomorrow.