Monday, June 7, 2010

I Refuse.

This morning I was laying with Drew on his bed, and I almost said it. I almost did. And then? I thought about it. Some things about him I really do love. But that's just it... Some things. If we go by loving somebody for some things about themselves... I would be in love 5 times over. So I kept my mouth shut.

I feel like Summer in 500 Days of Summer. I feel like I may love him a certain way right now... but I will be sure with someone else what I wasn't/am not with him. And I don't want to hurt him, but I'm really scared. And in the meantime... I'm so unaware of how far is too far (physically). Thoughts?

This weekend has been some kind of wonderful. What kind, I'm not really sure. I've done a lot of driving, and I've done a lot of jamming to Lady Gaga. I've also done a lot of searching for an energy drink I've found once in my life. :/ My baby graduated from high school last night, by the way. (: I am so very proud of him, even if the ceremony was so ridiculously long and boring. However... he made it. (:
God, please help me and Drew grow according to Your plan for us. Amen.

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