Wednesday, June 9, 2010

These Pills.

Pirates of The Caribbean is on the t.v.
it reminds me of high school.
am i ready for this?

i have a favourite mug.
every time i use it, i am reminded of the day i bought it. sitting outside a bakery on a beautiful summer day, eating pie and drinking coffee with my family. i am also reminded of the electric green van that drove by, and the picture message i sent to my close friend, who had a deep obsession with anything green. i am reminded of the times she, along with 5 of my other close friends, used to come over for random crazy parties. i remember feeling cute, and skinny, and alive.

The other day, I accidentally sat on my favorite sunglasses. They were black and heart shaped. Immature, I know, but so fun to wear. At the mall yesterday, I was determined to find a new pair. I don't last long without sunglasses. I finally found a pair I could live with, but they are so plain. They have rounded rectangular lenses, and a cheetah print frame. They're cute... but they can never measure up to my heart shapes. As I was complaining to my best friend, she said something that changed my view on everything: " it's a new era."

am i really the only one who feels like life is falling flat of my expectations for it?

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