Friday, June 25, 2010

Sitting in the Library.

It reminds me of him. But how can i not be reminded of him when i've seen him pretty regularly since i've been here. but you know what? i don't care anymore. i know i've said things like this before, and usually they're complete crap... but this time i think i really mean it.

i went for a walk in my pajamas this morning, and listened to relient k on my ipod. and i ran into all sorts of people, including him. and i realized... if he cares? that's his problem. i know i looked strange, i know my hair was everywhere, and i know my pants were dragging on the ground. but if i am going to spend my entire summer primping for someone who really shouldn't matter anyway? what's the point? so i am officially letting him go. and i feel good.

i'm really worried about my bestie. i got my first letter from her the other day, and she sounds extremely unhappy. i wish i could zoom on down there to see her, but obviously that can't happen. i just want her to be happy. i really really do. :/

i have about 50 minutes until i have to go to a meeting and watch a video about what to do in the case of a dying camper.... lock him in the basement of Stone and pretend not to know what they mean? sounds kind of like what most of us would do if this were to actually happen... considering we all bring other things to do during the meeting. so that will be good.

i hate to say it with the rest of you sounding like your summer is the farties, but my summer is kind of great so far. lots of relaxing, lots of borders, lots of fresh air, and lots of my boyfriend on demand.

but don't worry, summer is bound to get fabulous. it always does. (: in the meantime, stay up too late, eat too many popsicles, and breathe in the day. it's worth it- i promise.

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