Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Will Dance, I Will Sing.

i am officially a moment ruiner.

drew: elyse... you are completely gorgeous. i think your body is absolutely beautiful.
me: are you sure you're not gay?

i had a dream it was our wedding day and i found him in the shower with my brother. great start to a great day.

summer is apparently "officially" starting, as i had my first day at "work" today. it was awful, but go figure. i made some friends, and i have a lot of old ones there already, so i think it'll be a good year.

last night i ate out at Giovanni's, which was delicious, and then watched Kung Fu Panda with my friends. (: now i'm sitting at Borders, knitting and drinking iced tea. some days truly feed my soul.

i will dance, i will sing
to be mad for my king
nothing, Lord, is hindering
this passion in my soul.

thank you for today. (: Amen.

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  1. well okay heres the thing. i didn't actually poop. beeeecaaauseee. i kinda expected mike and susan to you know...happen. and obviously i expected the whole David Dash thing to happen. so i didnt poop but what i DID poop about was the fact that i have to wait another two or three months to know what happens with mike and susan and whether they'll work and stuff